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4 Minutes with Patrick Kellner

Patrick Kellner, writer and creator of Gage and the Dragon's Tear has created 4 issues of a tale starring Gage Monahan, renowned thief and former member of the Dark Shadows Guild of Thieves and Assassins.

We sat down with Patrick for a few minutes to discuss what keeps him going.

4 Tales Podcast (4T): What inspired you to delve into self-publishing for your comic?

Patrick Kellner (PK): I have always interested in comics and had always been interested in writing. I didn't really find writing prose to be that rewarding but the collaboration that takes place writing comics and seeing an idea I had come to life on the page was a process that I really liked.

4T: Self-publishing can be both rewarding and challenging. Could you discuss some of the obstacles you've encountered along the way and how you've overcome them?

PK: I think when most people decide to get into self-publishing they have this idea about just creating stuff and getting it out there. The reality is that a larger part of the self-publishing business is the marketing business. I am not a people person and do not at all enjoy talking about myself or the things I do. It is a major challenge. I have overcome it to a certain degree by just forcing myself to do things I’m not comfortable doing like podcast and an interview or two. The battle is ongoing.

4T: What have been the most satisfying moments or triumphs in your self-publishing journey?

PK: It felt like a major triumph successfully funding my first Kickstarter. Even though it was a small goal, you just don’t know what’s ultimately going to happen after you hit the launch button.

4T: How do you navigate the ever-changing landscape of self-publishing, particularly when it comes to marketing and connecting with your audience?

PK: I try to pay attention to what other creators are doing and see what might work for me. I also keep in touch with a few other creators and I bounce questions off of them and see what they are doing that is working. If it is applicable to me and what I am doing I may try to implement some of the strategies.

4T: Thanks for sitting down with us. One last question. For individuals aspiring to self-publish their own comics, what advice would you offer based on your experiences?

PK: I think starting with a small project that you can finish like a short story is a good idea. I know everyone has a 20 issue saga that want to do but starting and finishing something is really important when you are just getting started. You can't develop the habit of starting projects and then finishing them if you never finish anything.

4T: Thanks again Patrick for sitting down with us. Check out Gage of the Dragon's Tear at

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